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How often should I bath my baby?

by Bambi Bamboo
Most first-time parents find themselves asking questions and one of it is: How often should I bathe my baby? Well, we have answered that question b...

10 Helpful tips for first-time mom

by Bambi Bamboo
As amazing as it is, becoming a first-time mom can be very challenging. But don't be surprised if everything feels intense. It is proven by science...

How to soothing a crying baby

by Bambi Bamboo
There's no getting around it: Babies cry a lot, and it's irritating sometimes. But we have to remember that it's their way of communicating. It's t...

Top 5 best strategies in putting your baby to sleep

by Bambi Bamboo
Newborns are having struggle in identifying between night and day, which explains their lack of sleep. So In the name of saving you from those unne...

Things first-time mom should know

by Bambi Bamboo
Being a first-time mom is a wonderful and a great experience, but it can also be overwhelming. Most of us, first-time mom is struggling whether if ...

5 Top Benefits of Swaddling to Baby

by Bambi Bamboo
Swaddling is one of the most effective, gentle and beneficial for parents and their children. There are a lot of benefits of swaddling a baby. It d...

Bamboo Towels vs. Cotton Towels. Which one is better?

by Bambi Bamboo
We all know that there are a wide array of bath towel materials. Each of the materials has different benefits for our skin and our health in genera...